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Modern Antiquarian was born out of a love for antique furniture and objects and a passion that grew into a career. Margaret Schwartz developed her love of antiques over time and as that passion grew she felt a need to share it. It started when Margaret read about antiques tours on The English Room blog and it piqued her interest. She booked a one day tour not knowing what to expect. By the end of the day she had filled a 20’ container and was hooked on antiques. We understand that antiques are intimidating and can be expensive, so anyone who is diving into the antiques world is bound to need some advice along the way.

Margaret has worked hard on sharpening her eye so that Modern Antiquarian clients are only shown the best and most worthwhile investments for their homes. Up until now, Margaret has been all about the mix, showing new and antique pieces side by side. We still love mixing old antiques with new modern accessories but our motivators have shifted.

Our company hopes to help you grow your collection and your knowledge base surrounding antiques and their uses in modern design aesthetics. We want to develop and foster a conversation around antiques, the lingo, the community surrounding it, and make it a conversation we can all be a part of. So follow along to keep up with Modern Antiquarian’s newest adventures and finds.

Margaret Schwartz, Owner

Margaret began her career at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia,  this position played a key role in inspiring Margaret to pursue her interest in the home decor business. After leaving the company Margaret acquired The Summer House, an antiques and home design store in New Canaan Connecticut. Having her own brick and mortar store, Margaret was able to apply and refine her signature style and passion for home design, hand picking her favorite finds, including furniture, fine art, lighting, rugs, and antiques. Nicknamed the “Modern Antiquarian,” Margaret believes in mixing the old with the new to create a curated and edited home tailored to the client’s specific taste.

Over the last 6 years at The Summer House, Margaret's passion for antiques has grown and her reputation in the antiques arena has as well. Margaret has a vast network overseas and specializes in sourcing prized pieces for clients with exceptional requests, particularly Swedish pieces. Margaret delights in developing heritage collections of antiques for clients to invest in and enjoy.

Margaret joined LAPADA in 2016. LAPADA is an international organization representing over 550 antiques dealers in the UK, across Europe, and a select few in the USA. With her passion for fine antiques and traveling, Margaret has really created a collection of unique one of a kind pieces. Whether you're looking for something specific or searching for a beautiful addition to your space, The Modern Antiquarian has it all.

Kelly Maguire

Style and design have always played an important role in all facets of Kelly’s life. Soon after learning to walk, she started picking out her own outfits and changing them (multiple times) daily– a very early sign of Kelly’s deep reverence for style, design, and the arts. This artistic energy quickly evolved into an interest for interior design, as she began accompanying her mother, also a designer, to buying trips and meetings with clients.

As a designer, Kelly brings a unique passion for art and is a devotee of William Morris’ aesthetic but more importantly his philosophical teachings. Morris espoused the importance of meaning and intention behind the creation and placement of material goods. He believed that they add another layer of meaning to a home. Kelly strives to bring her philosophy to the 21st Century by creating spaces that clients personally enjoy being in. She believes in the judicious use of bold fabrics, textures and colors to bring her designs to life without overpowering a space. Nothing overly complicated or unnecessary, just intention, meaningful design.